the task
the solution
the result

  • Increase awareness among consumers and promote sales in the catering trade
  • Full budget responsiblility for strategy, consulting and creation as well as the implementation of all measures

  1. Development of the strategic positioning ‘the everyday exotic’ on the German market
  • Creation of visual language, photo shooting, build-up of an image databank
  • Derivation and linking into merchandising, promotion, event, web, classical advertising and PR channels
  • First national web launch
  • Accompanying series of advertisements in trade publications
  • High-quality, attention-drawing display packaging and merchandising documents for the trendy and scene-oriented catering trade, including the development of individual advertising materials for consumers
  • National series of events and personnel promotions in the trendy and scene-oriented catering trade
  • Product and event PR

  • Over 200 million national press contacts in the consumer milieu