Seat Germany
the task
the solution
the result

  • „Peak-experience“ launch of the new SEAT Ibiza
  • Open up new target groups, generate leads, increase sales
  • Creation, implementation and logistical handling of a nationwide test-drive campaign
  • 16 campaign weeks

  1. Incorporation into the event platform „Ibiza Island“
  • Direct approach to target groups and driving experience at heavily-frequented POIs
  • Attention-attracting and variable set design (outdoors & indoors)
  • Communicative interconnection with raffles, media, website, give-aways
  • Attention-attracting foliation of the test vehicles
  • Interesting test drive routes
  • Product- and brand-specific training of the promoters

  • Objective 100% achieved in the quantitative and qualitative evaluation
  • Sales increase